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Why Office Yoga?

Studies show that we sit for more than 3/4 of our waking hours. There is even a new term to describe the effects of our sedentary lifestyle; it's called the 'sitting disease'.

The sitting disease is linked to increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity. Even if you go to the gym, run, or do yoga for an hour a day, you may still be at risk because of how sedentary you are during the day.

It’s not just about the physical either. The World Health Organization has called stress the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’.

No doubt, we live in a stressed out world. Your mind is on overdrive and you find yourself reacting to whatever is happening right in front of you. A little internal peace would go a long way.

But fear not… there is a solution and it’s within your reach (hint… you’re already here). It is possible to move more often, breathe more deeply, and find energy, ease and better health.

Office yoga with The Office Yogi is workplace focused, time efficient and accessible anywhere.

Why The Office Yogi?

The cure for that sitting disease is simple… move!

You don’t have to run around the block or break out your yoga mat. Just get your body moving right where you are. At work right now? That’s what The Office Yogi is here for!

As a member of The Office Yogi community you will have access to our yoga video library. Whether you’re looking for stretches to alleviate physical tension or breathing techniques to help calm the mind, you’ve come to the right place.

Our site’s easy search functionality will allow you to quickly find your ideal video. With so many types of office yoga videos available, you’ll be able to find what suits your physical and mental needs.

Our videos are 1-3 minutes in length and can be followed at your desk, in work clothing and during office hours.

We offer two programs that you can fit into your work day. 

You have nothing to lose except stress, worry, tightness, and tension... so sign up today!


I love all the videos!!! I really needed Cactus Arms in my life. I especially love hearing your voice a couple of times a day... very soothing! It's a nice relaxing break from work.

A. Tobin

Feeling good! Such a great combination. I will say it again. Starting each stretch with one of the breathing techniques is wonderful!

L. Moore

I really like the prompts to stop work and take a moment to relax, breathe and stretch. LOVE IT! I think watching the videos is great but happy to say, doing them is even better!

N. Parsons

I'm so much more aware of my breathing and posture since starting these yoga techniques.

A. Piercey

After hours of typing at my desk, ‘cactus arms’ was just what I needed!

T. Pennell

Ah! Thank you, Susan! Loved how those teeny weeny minutes brightened my day!

K. Wilson

Thank you for the reminders, after sitting at the computer all day ‘cactus arms’ really helped with my slumped shoulders.

M. Rogerson

Susan Day

Susan’s yoga practice changed her life and believes yoga can benefit every body and soul. Finding space through
movement, breath and meditation on the mat has translated into a calmer more positive approach to life off the mat – something that everyone around her benefits from!

Susan has been practicing yoga since the late 1990s but fell in love with vinyasa flow the early 2000s. Inspired by her teachers and fellow yogis Susan’s yoga journey took her to NYC where, in 2012, she completed her 200 Hour Teacher Training at Sonic Yoga. Since then Susan has completed additional 300 plus hours of training in yin yoga, yoga for athletes and restorative yoga. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Susan works in corporate world as a senior project manager.

Combining both her business background and love of yoga, Susan created The Office Yogi with a mission to bring yoga into the workplace. Her aim is to make yoga more accessible to those who would benefit greatly from a full breath and movement. And since she works in an office every day, Susan also knows first-hand the benefits moving and mindfully breathing can bring to the workplace. 

A fresh air junkie, Susan loves running, hiking, gardening and travelling and loves to combine these pursuits with yoga. She also loves to share her stories and her own life lessons through her blog posts.

Her motto is "If I can do it, you can too."


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