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The Office Yogi Programs give you...

Workplace Focused

Do you spend a lot of time sitting? Maybe you have a few aches and pains? Are you stressed? How about distracted?

Physically, we know what hurts and we give you stretches that will help.

Mentally, we know the stresses that come with work and will give you tools to assist.

Short Videos

We know you are squeezed for time and don’t have much extra in your day.

Our videos are easy to search, and are just a few minutes long. In the time you would spend checking social media you can stretch and breathe!

Done At Your Desk

You don’t have to go anywhere or change your clothes. Our videos are filmed in an office setting, at a desk and so you can follow right along.

Invite The Office Yogi into your work environment and we will help you integrate wellness seamlessly into your day!

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Because everyone in an office has a life outside.


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